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QLDS provides its original, unique and patented proprietary

QLDS is a private, fully independent company, established in October 2017 and committed to development of Freeform Digital Lens Design Software. We value creativity and deliver superior solutions to the lens industry worldwide.


Located in Largo, Florida QLDS started as a joint venture between Softlinkers, a software development company in EU, and a group of optical professionals in the US. Softlinkers has a strong IT background developing B2B applications and Lens Design Software for European markets. Our optical experts have over 100 years of combined experience in all aspects of corrective optical lens design, production technology, as well as hands-on knowledge of optical wholesale and retail business operations .


QLDS offers our business partners freeform technology and support they need to manufacture superior digital lenses worldwide.

QLDS has developed it's own state of the art cloud based digital lens design platform which can be integrated with any modern lab management system worldwide.

Our services include:


  • Digital Lens Designs

  • Lab Implementation, Shakedown and Training

  • Technical Support

  • Marketing and Customer Support

We are your go to
Independent Lens Design Software Experts


Advantages of QLDS Cloud


Cost Efficient

Our Cloud is cost-efficient to use, maintain, and upgrade. There is no need for local server or any additional hardware.

Automatic Software Updates

Software updates occur periodically and require no intervention from your personnel except testing.

Quick Deployment

After your laboratory completes a questionnaire, the entire system can be configured and ready for testing within hours.


Request more info or just say hi.

Nice to meet you ! We've got your 'Hi' and will wave back ASAP !

Independent Lens Design Software Experts


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QLDS proprietary cloud based solution is ready for implementation with any modern lab management system.

Our technicians will make this process frustration-free and quick. We will take under consideration all specific requirements of your lab equipment and will make necessary  adjustments and settings within hours.

Technical support

Our instant remote support will work with your production team to help them manufacture quality lenses consistently. This includes full compliance with relevant quality standards.

On demand consulting

We will work with your management team to thoroughly understand your business strategy, current needs, and future goals. 

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