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New multifocal concept



Following extensive scientific research and empirical studies of eye-lens ergonomics, current frame shapes, fitting statistical data, and patient visual habits NAL® Concept was born. It is not a no-line trifocal like progressive lenses. NAL® is a true multifocal lens that provides correction from infinity to near reading in one continuous individually adjusted power curve. Natural Accommodation Lens is a life changing experience for multifocal wearers worldwide. 

NAL® provides unique opportunity for independent labs and ECPs to offer their patient most advanced and comfortable multifocal solution. Client and patient retention, competitive advantage and economic rewards are just some of additional professional benefits.

QLDS’ NAL® is a commercially viable digital multifocal lens available for implementation to all freeform technology capable optical labs globally. 

Multifocal Lens Concepts



No adaptation period

No peripheral swim effect

Provides clear natural instinctive vision in all distances

No fitting height required

Visual fields are funnel shaped rather than hourglass shaped.

Smoothly connected visual fields provide natural vision from infinity to 14 inches.

Wide Intermediate visual field provides effortless mid-range navigation.

Because NAL mimics natural accommodation from 20ft to 14 inches it eliminates eye fatigue due to new habits of excessive indoor living


Requires adaptation period

Patient will experience nausea or dizziness due to peripheral waves and distortions

Navigation through distance, intermediate, and near vision is cumbersome. Patient would have to move his/hers head to see objects at different distances

Fitting height required

Costly redos and non-adapt issues due to fitting height errors

Eye fatigue due to PAL Concept constant utilization of auxiliary mussels

Low patient retention due to common unfulfilling experience

Lack of competitive advantage


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20/20 Continuing Education Course:

Break Traditional PAL Rules with a Natural Accommodation Dream Lens

Learning Objectives:

Upon completion of this program, the participant should be able to:

  1. Explain the limitations of traditional progressive addition lenses

  2. Describe the Natural Accommodation Lens (NAL®) concept and its benefits

  3. Explain the brick-and-mortar and e-commerce opportunity with a multi-focal lens that doesn't need a fitting height measurement.

We have made this course free for you.

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