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  • Increase multifocal sales, OMNILUX® is available in all materials and treatments.

  • Eliminates costly redos and non-adapt issues due to fitting height errors.

  • Reduces valuable dispensing time − requires no fitting height.

  • Simpllifies finishing layout − edged like a single vision.

  • Power verification and PRP is at the ERP only.


New multifocal concept
to benefit your practice with competitive advantage

and new patient retention

Continuous sharp natural vision at any gaze from far distance to close near.


 OMNILUX® have the look and feeling of Single Vision lenses with a multifocal performance 


OMNILUX® visual field is funnel-shaped rather than hourglass.



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NAL Omnilux Trifold


Fitting & Dispensing


White Paper

NAL® is not a progressive lens but World's 1st TRUE multifocal. If you want to know more about it, use this form to contact us, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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Atala Valdes - Licenced Dispensing Opticia

I manage Prado Vision & Lasik’s Optical in Tampa, Florida. Quest optical lab, who I use for my specialty lenses, asked me to test their new multifocal OmniLux lens. I agreed with no hesitation because I am a Progressive snob. I have to tell you I was blown away. The vision is crisp at all distances, their design is nothing but brilliant; no segment height needed. The only problem I have is that I need to replace all my 20 pairs of glasses for it, lol. Thank you Quest Lab for allowing me to share my experience.


I can't wait until my patients to start using them

Robert Shanbaum - Top Optical Expert, Lawyer & Rockstar

I have been wearing OMNILUX® lenses for a few months now, and I recommend them wholeheartedly. The usability at intermediate distances is especially good compared to other lens designs. Overall, OMNILUX® lenses approach natural accommodation.

As a retired optometrist who practiced for over 50 years, Im keenly aware of the importance of providing patience with the best products available.

Few months ago, I was asked to evaluate and provide my opinion regarding a revolutionary new type of ophthalmic lens. The lens design was developed by Mr. Michael Walach and was given the name Omnilux. In his opinion, he believes that the Omnilux lens will make a progressive lenses that is offered in today's market obsolete.

I was skeptical first, but I agreed to try out the lens myself. A pair of glasses were made

Herman Tacker OD

for me using the new lens and I was amazed at the improvement in my vision. I have now replaced all my prescription glasses with the Omnilux lens.

From a practising point og view, the design of the lens does not require a bifocal height of measurement. This will not only make a significant reduction in the remake of lenses, but also provide opportunity to better refit non-adaptive progressive patients.

I am thankful that I can share this information about this revolutionary new lens. I wish that it had been available to me and my patient when I was practising

Tatiana Dvorkin - Artist

Omnilux lenses are a life changer for anyone like me who has a hard time with progressives or any-one who doesn’t care for distortion. I am an artist and my art requires having good eye sight and being able to see detail. Which I was never able to accomplish with any of the progressives I tried.

I was always trying to stretch or twist my head to get the right angle to be able to see. All of that went away the moment I put the Omnilux on. I highly recommend these amazing lenses for anyone who requires multi power lenses.

John Hayes - CRNA, Nurse Anesthetist

This was my first pair of Omnilux lenses. Absolutely amazing!!! My eyes adjusted to the new lenses within 10 minutes. The next day had perfect far vision to drive and perfect near vision to provide to perform precise operations at work such as placing an epidural. Wish I got these earlier.

Dana B. | Louisville, KY

Working in the Optical field for 38 years, eyeglasses are not only professional but also personal to me. Being introduced to Omnilux design was very exciting, and I will say they have not disappointed!


I adjusted to them most almost immediately, and found myself looking around as if I had the vision I had in my twenties! No swimming, wide range of sight! Definitely found design that I will using from now on, check them out for yourself!


Thank you, Omnilux

Jeff | Largo, FL

When I first put on my new Omnilux glasses I could not believe that I could ever see that well again! My first though was "I am looking at the world in High Definition." I can follow the path of my golf ball again all the way to the end. This is just GREAT! I have always difficulty wearing progressives but no trouble at all with my Omnilux. How could life get any better? Then I got a pair of Omnilux computer glasses that virtually eliminated my eye strain at work, even with my 12 to 14 hour days in tax season.

A big THANK YOU for making my life easier!

Joanna Hopkins | Prescott, AZ

Over the past 15 years I have worn a number of different progressive lens designs, and, despite many remakes, I have never had a pair that worked for all of my daily activities. I have usually had to resort to readers for clear up-close vision, which sort of defeats the purpose of progressives. I recently received a pair of Natural Accommodation Lenses, and for the first time, I am able to wear them all day long without feeling restricted, no matter what I’m looking at.  I’m grateful to finally have a pair of glasses that live up to their promise!

Anna P. | Best New Glasses

I was really skeptical about this OmniLux lens, which promised "continuous, sharp, natural vision at any gaze from distance to near without waves or distortions. There is no adaptation period." I had tried progressive lens twice, and each time had to abandon ti because I wasn't able to adapt. I finally had to settle on 'occupational computer lens' which would allow me to see intermediate to near distant.
Al I can say is 'Wow!!'. I'm a believer. These lens are amazing. More importantly, I don’t have to painfully look for that 'sweet spot' for intermediate vision. I sent in my existing Charmant rimless frame to have these OmniLux lens mounted on.
The final product was nothing short of exceptional. From the time I sent in my frame to the time I received it back, it was exactly 2weeks, even though they had to customize my lens shape, which was different from the demo lens on the frame. Lastly, the cost of this amazing lens was still over $100 cheaper than the progressive I paid at my local optical store. This will be the only place I will get my lens going forward. Highly recommended.

Kim Wade | Radio Strong Man

Big hat tip to Eye Gear Optical for opening my eyes to the latest technical development for those who wear progressive or bifocal eye
Optician Bruce was excited as he explained the new breakthrough in the making/construction of multi-focal lenses. I kinda understood what all he was saying. Punctuated throughout his presentation was that my vision would noticeably improve.
I took the plunge though I really wasn't expecting a big difference when I got the new pair.
Folks, I can say without embellishing, Bruce under sold the results
I often scan multiple computer screens while sitting at my desk. So my head and neck was back forth like I was watching a tennis match. Unbeknownst to me this was resulting in tension head aches and stiff shoulders and neck.
I never imagined my eyes trying to adjust and find the sweet spot as I looked up and over at the two screens was the source of the tension head aches.
I wasn't certain if what I was experiencing was actually happening. So I went back to my old glasses, and yep, the tension headaches came back.
The new glasses has clearly made a difference. I didn't have to swing my head. I could see everything from all four corners of the new
glasses. What a surprise this new approach to multi-focal lens making made.
Now I wear my glasses from Eye Gear Optical every day.
Thanks Bruce, love your passion.
You done good son!

John | Best New Glasses

This was my first pair of Omnilux lenses. Absolutely amazing!!! My eyes adjusted to the new lenses within 10 minutes. The next day had perfect far vision to drive and perfect near vision to provide to perform precise operations at work such as placing an epidural. Wish I got these earlier.

Brian | Best New Glasses

Great quality lenses! Purchased Omnilux with transition lenses. Liked so much that I bought another pair.
Highly Recommended!

Thomas Goethe | Best New Glasses

I am very happy with these lenses. They sort of work like regular progressives in that you have "aim" your eyes by tilting your head to focus at any distance, but the sweet spot where you can do so is much larger, so you don't have to tilt your head as precisely as you do with PAL glasses. Due to a spinal fusion in my neck, this is a huge advantage as there are certain neck positions that are very uncomfortable. This makes reading a lot easier as well as working on the computer, particularly when using documents laying in front of the monitor or by the keyboard. With PAL glasses, I had been removing my glasses to see the screen and having to put them back on to read the document. Huge hassle! I can just wear the OmniLux and motor on. They also work well for using a camera or other optical devices as well as for driving. When using an optical device, it is far easier to get aligned behind it and focus than with PAL glasses where you often have to finesse the right spot of the glasses lens onto the viewfinder to be able to focus the device. I realy like them. As my Navy friends say, Bravo Zulu to Michael for making them.

Carmen Maldonado

I have very high myopia with a large astigmatism correction in both eyes. I have worn single vision distance because I do not like bifocals or progressives. This was a genuine wow factor for me to be able to use my cellphone without having to take off my glasses. This lens is wonderful that I have different ranges without having to adjust my head or posture.

Virginia B. | Wearer's Experience Questioner

Q: How long did it take you to adjust to the OmniLux®  lens ?

A: There was no adjustment. They were like not wearing glosses at all.

Steven M. | ECP

Q: What did you wear prior to being fitted with the OmniLux® lens design?

A: Varilux® Physio

Q: How long did it take you to adjust to the Omnilux® lens ?

A: 1 second

Comments: First use of Omnilux was a game changer for me. I was driving to a restaurant with my wife and i got on her nerves a little bit because I was constantly commenting on how clear my vision was, how wide my field of view was. I'm truly amazed at how comfortable my vision is with these lenses. now I just need info on how to provide these lenses to my patients.

Caron, Sales | Mueller Optical

My pianist patient wanted me to personally send y'all a note. She was in tears when she told me she had prayed she would meet someone from a lab that would understand what she has been struggling with so long to see while she was playing her piano. She wanted me to thank y'all for being not only so smart but caring. 
You guys are GREAT in my book too!!!❤️

Robert Dingledine

Years ago I enjoyed 20/10 vision in both eyes without the need for glasses or contact lenses. Over the last five years I have had reduced visional capabilities and have grown very frustrated as to the lack of corrective vision options and cost of those inferior options. My career as a letter carrier for the USPS requires great vision at several distances in an accurate manner. I can now see again with my new glasses from OmniLux!! There was no adjustment period to these new lenses and I am in awe of the clarity and perfect vision I now have with these lenses!! I am able to read words on the tv, license plates while driving, and everything else without any additional effort. I am now enjoying the same vision capabilities that I had for my entire life prior to my need to rely on glasses to read, drive, golf, etc. I am no longer moving my head all over the place to find the sweet spot in my old glasses or fighting the wavy or swimming feeling of my old lenses. I am extremely satisfied with these results! I am scheduling my wife, who teaches and plays piano, for an eye exam and will be ordering her a new pair of glasses with the OmniLux technology! I cannot wait for her to experience these new lenses as she has been so disgusted with her current progressive lenses for over a decade. Thank you! Thank You!

Dr. Anita Raghavan 

OMG. These are the best glasses I've ever had!! | love them, thanks so much. I'm wearing them very proudly, thank you, thank you, thank you, it was very sweet of both of you. I'm going to a museum tonight so they will be specially useful, amazing technology.

Thanks again.

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